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Zoom on Synch #1
How to fight Climate Change with music

Starts: 05:00 PM

Synch related industries - Music, Film, Advertising, Games - together have a huge impact on everyones life. Why not using this force for a good cause? ACT IN SYNCH, Europe in Synchs annual event, took place in Berlin recently to form „The Courage Class“ and tackle the biggest task of our generation: Climate Change. So: What role can we play and how? NIS BOGVAD (Europe in Synch, Founder of Act in Synch) hosts an online panel to discuss with Cathy Runciman (Earth Percent), Simone Pilon (Berklee Valencia) and the participants from across the globe, what options and ways for the creative industries where found during the conference and in which ways we can indeed Act in Synch and contribute to keep the planet cool. The event takes place as a Zoom session (hence the name) on 27 Nov 2023, 17:00 CET. You can register for free here! Follow @europeinsynch on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.