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It's very easy to sell tickets with ntry. Simply create an event, and off you go!

To market your event in the best way, ntry makes several tools available to you:

You can incorporate and sell the tickets directly on your websites – the integration is done easily using iFrame/javascript. We also provide you with QR-Codes, which you can put onto your flyers or posters – they lead directly to the ticket sale.


First go on the to „My Events“ and choose CREATE NEW EVENT.


Fill in the EVENT TITLE. Our Short-URL service will suggest a possible short url under which the event will be found in the future (you can also change this SHORT URL). With EDIT DETAILS you can also add additional information.

Next up are DATE & STARTING TIME. If necessary you can also type in your own starting time.

VENUE & LOCATION of the event. On ntry you can find (via Google Places) numerous event venues – simply click and select them!


Now it's time for the tickets: You can add several categories (Floor, Seat, VIP, Early Bird…) and assign contingents as well as individual prices for each one.

With the Ticket Calculator, you get details about the actual sums you will receive when selling your tickets.

With the wheel, you can add further options to your ticket presale - for example, the maximum number of tickets that can be emitted for each purchase (default: 6). You can personalise tickets (in which case the customer will have to state his/her name, which will then be visibly printed on the ticket) and enter instructions for the customer (e.g. that the festival tickets must be exchanged for bracelets to be valid). These instructions will appear at the bottom of the page on printed tickets.

With the „Ticket Image“ you can style each entry ticket as you please. (Making sure not to upload copyrighted images of others!) The picture uploaded will appear on the printed tickets as well as in the ntry app.

In order for you to have a better overview, we give you the possibility to oversee other ticket sales as well, under "manage external quota": Here you can keep an eye on presale points and quotas.


Since you can also sell your tickets directly on, there is the possibility to customise the corresponding page – insert all relevant information and pictures which will help your customers to easily find their way around and make their decision. With the check mark at the end of the page you can decide whether all this information on should be made public or kept private.


If you click on „Extras“ you can already take a look at your future ticket. You can also download the QR-code for your printed matter, grab your iFrame-Code to embed it on your website and already see what it will look like.


In the overview above your created events you can quickly see how your event is going, based on an easily understandable color code. The colored bar displays various quotas and sales. The quick stats underneath show your actual assets in numbers (turnover, sold tickets, etc.)

With „Edit“ you can update your event, manage your ticket quotas and fill in additional information at any time.

In the „Tools“ area you can quickly install and make use of our marketing tools.

Still have questions?


To validate and your sold tickets, you simply need a smart phone with the installed ntry-app. The app is available free of charge for iPhone and Android cell phones. You can carry out the operations from your own cell phone, or execute them from any other phone (eg. your staff's).

Log into the app with your ntry account infos and select the upcoming event from „My Events“.

You'll quickly develop a feel for the scanning process: Hold the scanner at a steady distance of 7-10cm above the ticket to be scanned. Use if necessary the options „Focus“ (for focusing) and „Torch“ (in case it's too dark).

The cell phone vibrates during the scanning process to indicate that it's active. The display shows whether a ticket is valid (green check mark) or invalid (red cross), making a distinct signal. On the display you will see whether the scanned tickets are valid for one or more persons, respectively.

In addition, you always have, right at the bottom, the overview on how many ticket holders were already scanned and how many are (or should be) coming altogether.


Scanning usually works easily even under harsh conditions – it is however best if you ensure there is the necessary amount of light in the entrance area and that the cell phone is fully charged.


Aside from the QR-code, each ticket also has an multi-digit code with letters - clearly visible both on the print@home and on the app ticket.

On the respective event pages in the ntry admin area, under „Tools“, you can easily print out a list of these codes after presale has ended. If for one reason or the other it is impossible to complete the scanning process this list offers an „analog“ alternative to determine whether a ticket is valid or not.


No costs incur for the use of ntry ticketing and the creation of events.

Only in the case of tickets successfully sold over the system will a share (10%) of the retail value be withheld. (Please note for very low admission prices: The minimum charge per sold ticket amounts to 0,60 Euro). You will generally be billed within a few days after the event.


The Premium Service of ntry offers numerous advantages, reductions and tools to regular promoters:

Premium customers already start off with a reduced 8% rate (for regular customers 10%) for successfully sold tickets and have in addition the possibility to reach bonus levels - with an appropriate sales revenue - and reduce percentages (see graph).


If you've reached a turnover limit, your reached level will apply for at least a year.

The ntry Premium Service also provides the promoter with further opportunities and services:

No particular conditions for acquiring a Premium Account are required.

The Premium Service costs € 19,90 a month or € 199,- a year.

Interested in purchasing an ntry Premium Account?