Purchasing tickets

It's pretty easy to purchase tickets with NTRY. No matter how you’re online connected, with your smartphone, PC, IPad, Tablet, Notebook or any other device …

1 - Link from Promoter Websites

Events simply are linked directly from the promoter websites (or eg. facebook-sites) with the NTRY-Eventpage. By entering your e-mail-address and the number of wanted tickets, you've already done half the work! You can then pay by credit card, bank transfer, payPal or Klarna (Sofort).

2 – Iframe on Promoter Websites

A tick smarter and customer friendly way is the integration of a NTRY-Iframe widget on the promoter websites. It gives you the opportunity to select the number of tickets directly on the event websites. In a second step you will be linked to the NTRY-Eventpage, where the ticket purchase will be finalized.

3 – QR-Codes from poster, flyer or any advert

Even a more comfortable and faster way to buying tickets is to reading an event QR Code with your smartphone, IPhone, tablet or IPad. The QR-Code leads you automatically to the NTRY Ticket Selection Page. You choose the number of tickets and start the payment process.

4 – Enter a Promo-Code

In some cases you might get an NTRY Promo-Code (from the promoter or an event organizer). Please enter this Promo-Code directly on the Event Ticket Page (or alternatively on the promoters website / iframe widget). This code allows you getting tickets of a distinct category, maybe by invitation, a sweepstake ticket, or any promotional ticket at a reduced price.

The tickets will always be delivered to the e-mail address you've specified. If you have a confirmed account on ntry.at, you can also retrieve any purchased ticket from there at any time, as well as resend or reprint them (see also MY TICKETS). That way, your tickets will never get lost.

Don't forget to bring the ticket with the Aztec-Code to the event (a confirmation of payment isn't enough) – whether printed or on your smartphone, your choice.

The codes are (naturally) only valid once. If you've acquired a ticket for more than one person (identified ie. by the label „valid for 4 persons“) these people should all be present at the entrance.

If you've got a NTRY account, you can switch to the role of the promoter at any time to sell tickets quickly and easily. Simply head to MY EVENTS, fill in your personal information to your account and start making your tickets smart.