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Unsafe+Sounds 2021
18./19. + 27./28. August
Unsafe+Sounds wants to investigate the interrelatedness of the fundamental changes in our environment and aesthetics , and look for apt noises for our disturbed existence. We gather workers from the musical frontiers to find some medication for this pathological time. We believe these are to be found in the poetics of catharsis and physical affection in neurotic, transgressive, tender, psychoacoustic and obscure approaches.
18.08. | Wotruba Kirche
Robert Schwarz (dj-set)
Simone Borghi (live)
Anthony Linell (live)
Caniche (dj-set)
Gischt (live)
Lucy Railton (live)

19.08. | Wotruba Kirche
Misonica (dj-set)
Conny Frischauf (live)
Bobby Would (live)
Mariah Doesn't Carey (dj-set)
Gross Module (live)
KMRU (live)
27.08. | Das Werk
open air
Haskii (dj-set)
Isabella Forciniti (live)
PLF (live)

GMNR (live)
Sansibar (live)
Visitor (dj-set)
DJ Gusch (dj-set)
Schirin (dj-set)
Bushra (dj-set)

28.08. | Das Werk
Yuzu (dj-set)
Dino Spiluttini (live)
idklang (live)
Puce Mary (live)
Quehenberger (live)