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Kulturraum Freigeist aka "Schlosserei"
Pissed and Baked - Loopus in Fabula
Funkedelic, Groove, Hard, Funky, Electro-Jam
Venue: Marktpl. 30
Marktpl. 30, 3335 Weyer, Österreich
Starts: 08:00 PM
Artist: Loopus in Fabula, Kipppunkt, OldSport, Yamamoto, Goldmund

This time with our special Guest LOOPUS IN FABULA.
Loopus has established himself a reputation for the so called "funkedelic" sound : a mixture of psytrance and funky disco sounds...a total free crossover of influences with an electro, progressive, jazzy, circus feeling blended with the severe discipline of psytrance: a mind twisting happy psychedelia with a running powerfull bassline.
After 15 year of psytrance touring and 4 albums in 2017 Loopus has released his 5th album "JAZZ MACHINE" where he pushed his crossover EDM style towards more jazzy environments. The album is a dedication of love to the all the great jazz artists of the past.
In 2019 Loopus has released “The Jimi Hendrix Ep” a techno dedication to the great master of rock.
From 2021 is "Groovy Tales" a techno funk adventure into the mystical universe of cocktail continental beats, swing-time tunes and romantic boom boom bass…
In 2022 Loopus has started working on a new project "Hoomus in Fabula" (!!!) downtempo, middle-east, organic psychedelic house. The first Hoomus album is released on the israeli label "Camel Riders" in August 2023
Also in 2023 "MUSIC FOR TIME-TRAVELING CATS": an album with lashings of exotic samples from, disko, jazz, funk, cinema, the 80's, 16th century classical and even Johan Strauss in the mix.
Matteo is also working as "LOOPUS IN JAZZ" a super eclectic selector mixing various genres with the theme of funk, jazz, soul. Always expect the unexpectable, served with a pinch of vintage and big groovy dancing basses….
Supported from our Crew with an electronic Jam and some DJ Sets. We are looking forward to see you dancing! 
18.05.2024 - Doors 08.00 pm.