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Human Music
Peter The Human Boy + Potato Beach
SET A with PB / SET B only PTHB
Artist: Potato Beach, Peter the Human Boy

What, in these days, for covid's sake, can warm up the freezin lonesome indie-rock-lover-heart more than a wall of sonic waves sculptured by surfy guitars and dreamy synth pads above a chill rollin drumbeat? Oh yeah and they sing too. These boys and girls are gonna play their soul out for you:



Vienna based songwriter Peter Mathis and his bandmates Gabriel Fischer, Patrick Stieger, Jannik Rieß are down to earth slow rockers, combining surf and indie rock with a dreamy pop feel while maintaining an overall jazzy groove. In autumn 2019 Peter released his self-produced debut album Goodbye Summer, a personal farewell to a carefree youth. Now Peter The Human Boy is back with a heavy hearted single called 'This Kind Of Love'.


Founded in 2020, Potato Beach is a psych and garage influenced band from Vienna. Anja, Peter, Sven, Lili and Jannik try to make everything sound like the 60s, even though they live in 2020, goddammit. If you love The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Allah Las and La Luz you may find yourself nodding your head to Potato Beach’s groovy bangers. Other people may like them too.