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PARADISO INFERNAL (Chra, Christian Schachinger)
Support ANNA PÜ (Cut Surface)
Venue: rhiz
U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien, Österreich

Doors: 08:00 PM
Starts: 08:30 PM
Artist: ANNA PÜ, Christian Schachinger), PARADISO INFERNAL (Chra

Chra / Christina Nemec: electronics, field recordings, effects Christian Schachinger: guitar, effects
Paradiso Infernal is a new electronics and guitar duo from Vienna, comprising of members Christina Nemec and Christian Schachinger.
Schachinger and Nemec have previously collaborated in the trio Shampoo Boy with Peter Rehberg, a powerful alloy of extreme noise, dark drones, luminous ambience and fundaments of rock (Blackest Ever Black).
Schachinger was involved in the 90s Indieband OCCIDENTAL BLUE HARMONY LOVERS, the Schlager Coverband DER SCHEITEL and most notably PETERLICKER a noise rock band feat. Rehberg (Editions Mego). Nemec's background lies in avant-rock and industrial outfits such as BRAY and the feminist performance group SV DAMENKRAFT. She remains highly active as a solo artist and composer, both as CHRA and under her own name. Her lates solo album »Seamons« was released on Editions Mego in 2020. Chra's music is abstract and enigmatic, she creates dark, raw electronic soundscapes that don't want to "please" at any moment.
PARADISO INFERNAL spark off abstract electronic/guitar noise-layers in reminiscence of avantgarde composer Giacinto Scelsi
Paradiso Infernal was recorded and processed by Christina Nemec and Christian Schachinger at TROST Waldviertel Studios 2020–2021. Mastering by Martin Siewert. Artwork by Susi Klocker.
Part of Bruch and mastermind of Cut Surface, one of the coolest labels ever.
One of her rare live-solo performances.