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Vienna Songwriting Association
Ned Collette at Rhiz, VIENNA
Support: Angelica Castellon & Billy Roisz
Venue: Rhiz - Bar Modern
U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien, Austria
Starts: 08:00 PM
Artist: Angelica Castello & Billy Roisz, Ned Collette


Very special guests in Vienna, the duo of ANGELICA CASTELLO & BILLY ROISZ.

Presented by the VSA

Ned Collette takes his band on the road again this autumn, having spent the last year presenting his music in various forms and forums throughout Europe, Australia, and most recently the US.

Last year’s double-album ‘Old Chestnut’ (It Records / Feeding Tube Records) is now into its second vinyl pressing, and the word around it has meant that Collette is finally gaining acclaim and respect outside the underground circles he has long inhabited. Featuring contributions from The Necks’ revered pianist Chris Abrahams, long-time production partner and drummer Joe Talia and a slew of others, 'Old Chestnut' is a mixture of melancholy balladry interwoven with expansive instrumentals that not only frame and anchor the songs, but create a space in which the album as a whole can exist on its own unique plane.

The trio on this tour features the excellent free-jazz player Steve Heather on drums, and bass player Fredrik Kinbom. Using the songs as jumping-off points for extended exploratory passages, this outfit brings an improvised intensity that is perhaps unexpected for people familiar only with the records.

Collette has plotted an uncompromising musical course over six albums, realising an ambitious and expansive vision covering songwriting, improvisation and experimental music. Well respected in his native Australia and his adopted home of Berlin, he will also be known to audiences for his performances alongside artists such as Joanna Newsom, St Vincent, Kurt Vile, and his recent work arranging and playing on the 20th anniversary performance of Cat Power’s seminal Moon Pix album at the Sydney Opera House.

"Through dappled meadows and twilight forests... this hazy spellbound folk" ★★★★ MOJO

“One of the albums of the year” ADDICT CULTURE FRANCE

“A monumental folk opus... a song cycle that’s cohesive and immediate. Collette captures a corner of folk that’s not been wrung dry over the years. The artist isn’t interested in the slightest that a song sticks to the listener through traditionally memorable means, instead he’s working to press it into the skin with the sheer weight of his writing. He has the ability to sparkle in runs of fingerpicking that lean towards the Takoma school, but he’s more tender than technical. He dips into the English tradition of Canterbury classics, but spirals the songs down a well of darkness that’s meatier than the Middle Ages could contain. Towards the end he looses the ties of folk altogether, letting noise and electricity overcome the atmosphere and bury the album in cinder and ash. It’s not an album that can be listened to lightly and warrants multiple listens to let Collette’s full vision sink in, but once its under your skin, Old Chestnut is hard to shake.” RAVENSINGSTHEBLUES.COM