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Human Source Productions
Gilgamesh - king beyond equal
Artist: Max Kowalczyk, Manuel Graf, Patrick O'Brown, Igor Djordjevic, Amelie Liebich, Julia Elzea, Gregor Strauß, Franca Kircher, Dario Djordjevic, Malaika Botowamungu, Wolfgang Striedinger, Mana Maryam Yazdani, Marianne Sar, Manuel Lugmeyer, Richard Youman

The theatre becomes a worldly wall, a cedar forrest, light and shadows, where mortal human does battle with mythological creatures and the brutally fair Gods and Goddesses rule with playful actions beyond the spheres. The audience are lead on a contagious Journey between reality and fiction - discoveries of the mortal and mythological within the self. Live music is wrapped around the action while the immersive tickets allows the audience to become the people of Uruk.


All prices include a free pre-show drink.

To all young people under the age of 18 no alcohol is served!