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Taksim Trio
Veranstaltungsort: Spielboden
Färbergasse 15, 6850 Dornbirn, Österreich
Beginn: 20:30

Taksim Trio is Istanbul. It is the jazz of Turkey. This particular powerhouse of three fellow musicians dance around the dynamics of the city with every tune they play, shrinking & fitting a globe of a certain planet into this over-satiated city. Within the tunes they initiate patient built intros throughout later clashes between Turkish Classical music and the gypsy spirit with its historical adventures from India to Al-Andulus. Agile flurries in modal scales of exotic distant lands through Ismail Tuncbilek’s electric saz are elegantly touched by Husnu Senlendirici’s distinctive clarinet, danced around & mazed into Flamenco time zones by Aytac Dogan’s kanun. However, having said all these, what makes this trio unique in our ears is probably their molding complex musical sentences into simple expressions thus forging their landmark in European Jazz scene. Music for everyone.