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GEI Musikclub
Muzz (UK, UKF), Youphoria (AUT) + Support
DnB & Dubstep
Veranstaltungsort: GEI Musikclub
Linzer Str. 20, 4850 Timelkam, Österreich
Beginn: 21:30 Uhr

Künstler: Muzz, Youphoria, Feistling, OGEEZE

is a UK producer and DJ renowned for the pulsating fusion of Drum & Bass and
Industrial rock overlaid with orchestral arrangements and euphoric hooks. He has become one of the hottest go-to names for fierce, high octane music. He holds a unique power of bringing together both the drum & bass world and the wider electronic music
into his devoted fanbase. He has released primarily with the world famous Monstercat label, as well as RAM records and Liquicity.
is an Austrian DnB DJ based in Vienna. Next to her monthly residency at THE HIVE, which takes place in FLEX, she has also been racking up
international bookings around the globe. Youphoria enjoys mixing techy dancefloor Drum and Bass
with Neurofunk.
Jaw clanching type of (DnB) Beats
GEI Online DJ Voting Winner 2022
Einlass: 21:30h - ab 16 Jahren
Tickets: gei-shop.at