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Veranstaltungsort: Chelsea
U-Bahnbögen 29-30, 1080 Wien, Österreich
Beginn: 21:00

Mekons enter their 40th year with MEKONS EXISTENTIALISM, an album of brand new songs on BLOODSHOT RECORDS and a European Tour in the summer of 2017. Full strength Mekonic line-up includes Jon Langford and Tom Greenhalgh (both founder members) vocalist Sally Timms, Rico Bell on accordion, multi-instrumentalist Lu Edmonds (P.I.L., Billy Bragg and the Blokes, Shriekback, The Damned), Steve Goulding on drumkit (Graham parker & The Rumour, Gang of Four), violinist Susie Honeyman and Baron Von Trumfio on bass.

"Politics and tradition are nothing new to the Mekons, but what makes Existentialism resonate is that it’s an album of the moment, for the moment. As an aural document, it’s kinetic and crackling, a live recording that captures the excitement of a concert. As a complete piece, it says something powerful; it’s a call to arms for old punks, unrepentant artists, and assorted freaks, all pushing against the tides of modern life. It’s the Mekons and friends and family gathering together in a small room, shouting songs of protest and singing sad melodies, realizing there’s strength in being together, even if their numbers are dwindling." PITCHFORK