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dazed & confused shows
Kuunatic (JP)
Support: VioLibido (AT)
Veranstaltungsort: rhiz
U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien, Österreich
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Künstler: Kuunatic

Vorverkauf endet am 10.06.2022 um 23:59.
dazed & confused shows presents
Tribal Psych Ceremony from Tokyo
KUUNATIC create a mesmerizing soundworld that transcends genres and hemispheres and succeeds in being both boldly experimental and wildly catchy. Drawing on the members’ different musical and cultural perspectives, their music explores ritual drumming, pulsing bass lines, atmospheric keyboard sounds and Japanese traditional instruments.
KUUNATIC just released their stunning debut album »Gate of Klüna« on Glitterbeat Records.
► Watch
Tītián - https://bit.ly/3raOx4c
Rohe Ulio Toweka - https://bit.ly/3LOlDiw
► Listen
Full Moon Spree - https://bit.ly/3xdT2P1
✦ VioLibido ✦
Goddess of Toxic Violin from Vienna
VioLibido is about the desire for sexuality, feminism, and vice.
A feisty woman with her super weapon, a violin, with which she has already refined songs by scene bands like CADÛ or Triptonus.
Now it's time for Roxi to get her own rock show off the ground. Her special setup: Stromviolin, pedals (fuzz, octaver, wah etc.), loopstation and simultaneous vocals. Live she is supported by Sylvia on bass, together they play songs that shred. Lull & drift. Drive you into madness or rapture with rhythmic extravagances and harmonic shifts...! Get ready.