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The Gitarren der Liebe
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Beginn: 20:00

"The Gitarren der Liebe, benannt nach einem 50er Jahre Musikfilm mit Schlagerstar Vico Torriani, sind wohl eine der aktuellsten und spannendsten Bands aus Graz. Die Besetzung, Irina Karamarkovic, Robert Lepenik, Martin Pfeiffer und Kurt Bauer, spricht für sich und garantiert musikalische Verführung jenseits des Mainstream. Die Musik zu schubladisieren ist nahezu unmöglich, ebenso wie die zu hörenden Sounds eindeutig den verwendeten Instrumenten zuzuordnen." Andreas Heller


They call themselves “The Gitarren der Liebe” but the guitar does not have a plural.
You see the violin, but you hear something else and you can’t really say what that is.
You can’t apply the usual jokes about the drummers on their drummer because sometimes he is playing an old fucked up Casio keyboard from the 80’s, etc. They can be incredibly loud but they are not always loud.
Still, it is important to mention that you should think about an extra layer of security and think twice before you bring your precious infants to the concert and make them experience traumatic eardrum perforations.
All band members like zombies a lot.
The singer loves the guitar player (who is a composer well as the others members of the band) and the feeling is mutual, so they got married, but they are still waiting for the tattoo artist to come back from Guatemala and do the rings.
The Gitarren der Liebe are Irina Karamarković, Kurt Bauer, Robert Lepenik & Martin Pfeiffer (and if Martin ever gets a daughter she is definitely not going to be called Michelle Pfeiffer).
And they are never boring.
Boredom is the only feeling which is definitely not going to overwhelm you when you come to the concert.
If you feel bored, you can try and press charges against them. But this is not a nice thing to do.