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Venue: Chelsea
U-Bahnbögen 29-32, 1080 Wien, Österreich
Starts: 09:00 PM

DEAD BROTHERS concerts are amazing mixture of excellent music and dramatic entertainment” That's meanhwile proven in such countries like Argentinia, Brasil, Greece, France, Russia Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Italy., Great Britain... etc, etc....

The sound is bewildering, poisonous and intimate at the same time. A funeral orchestra meets mountain folk music, punk rock meets Wagners’ gothic and we invented a new style: blackgrass, the dark side of bluegrass. Cowshit on snakeskin boots...
Tuba, Fiddles, Mandolines , Harmonium. a Marching drum, and other percussions, banjos, the sixties twangy Hopf guitar, hawaian lap-steel, a singing saw and other hobo suitcase percussion. Yes, that's the sound of the Dead Brothers !
Check out their lates album  "ANGST"
The Dead Brothers open the grave and pull out the Tuba, Banjo, Violin, theold Hopf Guitar with the typical sixties Twang, Harmonium, Marching Drum and other obscure percussions. The Dead Brothers and Sisters go on tour in 2018 to present their new albumrelease „Angst“.Dark Blues freaks, Rock'n'Roller, Punks, Folk and World music fans and other dodgy clientele, like musicians or circus performers have been already waiting since the last album release "Black Moose"in 2014. Now it’s time to go with “Angst” on a dramatic journey through the world of the Dead Brothers.