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Unsafe+Sounds 2022


23.09. - 01.10.2022

Unsafe+Sounds wants to investigate the interrelatedness of the fundamental changes in our environment and aesthetics , and look for apt noises for our disturbed existence. We gather workers from the musical frontiers to find some medication for this pathological time. We believe these are to be found in the poetics of catharsis and physical affection in neurotic, transgressive, tender, psychoacoustic and obscure approaches.


23.09. | Zacherlfabrik (Attention: changed venue!)

18-24 Uhr

Haskii (dj-set)
Inou Ki Endo (dj-set)
Rent (live)
Stine Janvin (live)
SØS Gunver Ryberg (live)


23.09. | das Werk

24-6 Uhr

Christia Ingemann (dj-set)

Ebhardy (dj-set)
Elin (live)
Flower Crime (dj-set)

Kim Leclerc (dj-set)

Rrose (dj-set)
UFO95 (live)

24.09. | das Werk

23-6 Uhr

Amblio (dj-set)
Anthea+Kenji Araki (live)
Astrid Gnosis (live)
Bootlicker (dj-set)
DJ Diamond (dj-set)
In My Talons (live)

Sentimental Rave (dj-set)

Vich Mind (dj-set)


28.09. | Zacherlfabrik

16-22 Uhr

Cedrik Fermont (talk)
Kristina Pia Hofer & No Bra (talk)
Mattin (live)
No Bra (live)
Privat (live)


29.09. | Zacherlfabrik (co-produced by Struma+Iodine)

16-22 Uhr

Kutin (live)
Mattin (talk)

Snake Boots (live)
Yuzu (live)

30.09. | Zacherlfabrik (co-produced by Ventil Records)

16-22 Uhr

Electric Indigo (live)
Eugenia Seriakov (talk)
Pia Palme & Sonja Leipold (live)
Rojin Sharafi (live)

Wolfgang Sterneck (talk)


30.09. | das Werk

22-6 Uhr

Alpha Tracks (dj-set)
Bushra (dj-set)
DJ Haram (dj-set)

Ewa Justka (live)

Ezy (dj-set)
High Future (dj-set)
Jung an Tagen & Cam Deas (live)
Mikkel Rev (dj-set)

Oprofessionell (dj-set)

01.10. | Zacherlfabrik (co-produced by Struma+Iodine)

7-19 Uhr

Ingrid (dj-set)

Luis Manuel Garcia (talk)
Omformer (live)

Pure (dj-set)
Pure, Rogenhofer, Deisl, Tina303,... (panel)
Robert Schwarz (dj-set)
Tina393 (dj-set)

01.10. | das Werk

23-6 Uhr

Abu Gabi (live)
DJ Warzone (live)
Ehrenschwesta (dj-set)
Distortina (dj-set)

Misonica (dj-set)
Nkisi (dj-set)
Prison Religion (live)
Safa (live)