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Quehenberger Kern, Už Jsme Doma,, FIL OK
Venue: Live Music Club Replugged
Lerchenfelder Str. 23, 1070 Wien, Österreich

Doors: 07:00 PM
Starts: 07:30 PM
Artist: Už Jsme Doma (CZ) / Quehenberger Kern (A)
Už jsme doma are a progressive rock band from Prague, Czech Republic, who originally formed in the Czech border town Teplice in 1985. The Prague Post has termed them one of "the two great bastions of the Czech alternative scene" (along with Psí vojáci).
Cited musical influences include The Residents, The Damned, Ebba Grön, Pere Ubu, Uriah Heep, Omega, and the Rock in Opposition movement. Rolling Stone's David Fricke referred to them as "an amazing Czech quintet ... that rattled like a combination of Hot Rats-aphonic Frank Zappa and John Zorn's hyperjazz."
The band has, to date, released seven proper studio albums, two live albums, a best-of package, a collaboration with Randy Rose, singer of The Residents, and a DVD containing live footage and a documentary film about the history of the band, which discusses its artistic significance and chronicles its dozens of lineup changes in its long career. In addition to traditional band functions such as recording albums and touring, Už jsme doma have taken on a wide array of ambitious projects outside of simple music performance, including work with theater, film and art. The band's name translates literally to, "we're home now" but idiomatically means "well, there you go" in Czech conversation.
Didi Kern and Philipp Quehenberger are without a doubt two of the most restless and well known musicians in Vienna’s underground scene. Their gigs in which they unleash a thunderstorm of sound, usually with no interruption, put the audiences into a trancelike state, their shows are a kind of luxurious sensory overload. Viennas best music-nerd music!
Didi Kern is the drummer of Austria´s best known Noise-Rock bands Bulbul and Fuckhead and is also a member of the pop singer Gustav´s band and has worked and recorded with big-time Avantgarde-Jazz names like Peter Brötzmann, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson and Walter Weasel (The Flying Luttenbachers). Quehenberger has released several solo records and on the legendary Avantgarde-Electronica label Editions Mego and on the Viennese underground techno labels Cheap and Minimal Soul and is an explorer of the stylistic realms between electronic music and free improvisation.
For their album „Ha Ha Ha“ they have crafted unconventional but catchy pieces, derived from improvisations and songsketches, that effortlessly transcend the limitations of „Sound“ and „Popular Music“ in an almost scientific exploration of the simple means of drums and synths. The album also features sonic contributions from their similarly genre-defying colleagues Noid (cello) and Fennesz (synth).
Fil OK is a British composer and producer of electronic music.
He has released five solo albums. he was half of the synth pop duo Atomizer and is also member of We're in the Water which is an art collective, with Fil writing and producing,
and an array of different performers and vocalists singing,
including Kate Shortt, The Thom and Miss Elly.