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sama recordings
sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 4 w/ Céline Gillain LIVE, Discrete Formants & Uli Kühn LIVE A/V plus dj sets by Karl Knall, Bushra and Caniche
Venue: rhiz
U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien, Österreich

Doors: 08:00 PM
Starts: 09:00 PM

Artist: Ambient Animal, Caniche, Bushra, Karl Knall, Discrete Formants & Uli Kühn, Céline Gillain


Saturday, September 18th, 2021

rhiz Vienna


sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 4 w/




Céline Gillain [BE, Antinote Records] LIVE


Discrete Formants & Uli Kühn LIVE A/V


Karl Knall DJ SET


Caniche DJ SET


Bushra DJ SET




hosted by:


Ambient Animal [sama recordings]




Poster Artwork & Photography by Pia Reschberger




kindly supported by Stadt Wien Kultur / MA7


Presale: 13,50 EUR

Abendkasse: 15 EUR






sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n“ evenings rub against the often closely meshed interfaces between avantgarde pop, electronic music and experimental music trends of the 1970s and 1980: beguiling kraut excursions, organic club music, uplifting ambient drones & gripping rarities to dance to: profound musical realities from different angles that will inspire you.








Céline Gillain



Céline Gillain is a musician, video and performance artist living in Brussels. Her work is a hybrid of corrupted pop songs, feminist sci-fi, story-telling and dark humour. „Bad Woman“ - her album debut released on highly regarded Antinote Records - tackles painful issues about our lives as individuals and society but with absolute elegance. After 2 cancelled s c h w e b e n dates in 2020 it’s finally time to witness Céline Gillains first ever live show in Austria and experience the ambition, absolute sincerity and utter contemporaneity of her performance.




Discrete Formants & Uli Kühn



Discrete Formants is an electronic musician living and working in Vienna. He mainly works with a modular Eurorack Synthesizer setup and his output can be described as a mix of Ambient, Dub, Electronica and Techno. Uli Kühn is an interdisciplinary media artist, musician, teacher and lecturer who stands for a playful confrontation with sound, video and media/performance art.



Karl Knall


Karl Knall is active within the viennese underground music scene since more than 15 years. Beside organising countless incredible party nights like the long-remembered Future Echo nights and supporting Cassette/DIY Culture with the TRANSFORMER crew, he listens to a lot of music and digs deep. His expanding dj sets are driven by a constant curiosity for all things wavey, authentic and eccentric.







Bushra is a Vienna based dj. Her dj sets induce emotive highs and in between states while she carefully navigates around genres like IDM, Trance, Ambient, Techno and abstract/experimental club music.







Caniche is the moniker of dj and musician, Sophie Hanke, born in Dresden and based in Vienna. She is organized in the newly founded Push - Female DJ Network to support and connect other FLINTA* DJs within the scene. With her DJ-sets Caniche aims to share mesmerizing experiences, lately also expressed by cautious attempts of producing her own sound. With her specific preference for relentless Rave sets and the sound of the early 2000s, she mainly plays records from the past, but also keeping an eye on recent releases is very important to her.