Dates and Tickets


Orange Skies / The Generation (redbox)
Venue: REDBOX Mödling
Eisentorgasse 5, 2340 Mödling, Österreich

Doors: 07:00 PM
Starts: 08:00 PM

Orange Skies

Orange Skies is a young all-female pop/rock band from Vienna, Austria which combines a classic rock sound of the 70s with the pop sound of today's music. Their musical journey started with them coming together in December 2021 and deciding they wanted to be the all-female rock band that they never got to see while growing up. Their songwriting is very personal and dominated by storytelling. Turning their emotions into music and playing it in front of people is what makes the four musicians the happiest.


The Generation

we’re THE GENERATION, a loud, flashy and rude Rock Band from Vienna, Austria who’s currently messing up the music scene, town after town with hardhitting power chords, face-turning solos, funky bass-lines and thundering drums and of course outfits that haven’t been seen since the 1980’s, making sure noone can turn a blind eye!
Ready to smash the conservative views of your parents to bits & pieces?
Alright then all you misfits and freaks, welcome to THE GENERATION!