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Fran Palermo // hari_drama sʊl band
Venue: Chelsea
U-Bahnbögen 29-30, 1080 Wien, Österreich
Starts: 08:00 PM
Artist: fran palermo, hari_drama

Fran Palermo have been the driving force of the Alternative Music scene in Budapest for over a decade, known for an eclectic mix of Indie Rock, Afropop and Kaleidoscopic Jungle Rhythms. The Group is a Compact Orchestra spearheaded by their Frontman, Henri Gonzo, a local Icon of Fashion and Infamy. Their unique sound blends influences from their Cuban, Spanish, Hungarian and Greek roots as well as a treasure trove of untold stories.


Their unique sound is birthed from the depths of the jazz tradition in a modern incarnation that must be heard, felt, seen and not described.
(Neo Soul - Trip Hop - Hypnagogic Fever Dream.)  
hari_drama is a lysergic drop of the eternal now.
a prayer to the oscillations of the human soul.
A Celebration of Life, Shadows, Confusion and the quenching of thirst.
Help us welcome Summer the Right Way.