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FEEDBACK* X . KING* FISH (Lukas König, Peter Koger, Michael Fischer)
Sitzkonzert in der fluc_wanne
Lugar de evento: Fluc & Fluc Wanne
Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien, Österreich

Doors: 07:30 PM
Inicio: 08:00 PM

Michael Fischer: amplified tenor and feedback-saxophone
Lukas König: drums, electronic devices
Peter Koger: analog video feedback projection

Based on simple, analog non-effect feedback setups, Michael Fischer and Peter Koger operate in multiple feedback circles; KINGFISH is Michael's duo with Lukas König on drums. So FEEDBACK X and KING* FISH joining forces this time, will open up an additional space to share a universal principal of life: the feedback in its various modes of musical, luminiscent, spiritual, physical, mental and interpersonal reference and action.

In 1999, Michael Fischer began to involve the phenomenon of the feedback into his instrumental work and developed an exclusively analog, non-effect-based instrument: the feedback-saxophone interacts through micro- and macro-movements of the instrument / body, through vocal intervention, shaping the sound of the space in dialogue with it. The risk of moving within these extremely unstable, almost unpredictable action-spaces demands and reins as motors of analysis and reaction speed as well as movement control. Visual art scene pioneer Peter Koger uses a basic surveillance camera and a monitor to create multidirectional visual feedback textures that interact with the tonal structures or drift off into nowhere space......
FEEDBACK*X performed at: Moozak Festival, Interpenetration Music Series Graz,
Sonic Territories Festival, JWSTW Festival, Künstlerhaus Vienna, Notgalerie Wien, a.o.