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Electronic Beats
Electronic Beats Festival Zagreb
Venue: Zagrebački Velesajam
Zagreb, Hrvatska
Starts: 08:00 PM

Denmark's Efterklang headline the night, filling the venue with their orchestral pop and making boys and girls alike swoon. The sweeping, theatrical beauty of last year's LP Piramada  should be a good primer for those who want to get a sneak preview of their live set. Berlin's Fritz Kalkbrenner (brother of Paul) will also join in the fun with his sophisticated combination of soul, hip-hop and techno grooves. Up-and-comer Dena comes recommended as a don't-miss pick by us as well. Bringing the flavor of '90s R&B into the modern age with a flashy (but hardly trashy) vibe, her performance is sure to be one of the most singular (and, perhaps, most talked-about) of our festival series. MS MR round out the evening, and while the NYC-based duo have drawn comparisons to Florence & The Machine, we find their glammy pop decidedly more intimate and appealing. Come see for yourself!