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Dvorana Rocks 2018
Venue: Dvorana Rocks
St. Michael Ob Bleiburg 8, 9143, Österreich

Doors: 07:00 PM
Starts: 07:30 PM
Artist: VOGAL DJs, Superior Street, James Choice & The Bad Decisions, Onk Lou & the Better Life Inc., Lola Marsh

Heuer wird die Festivalsaison am 17.02.2018 eröffnet!

Um die eisigen Temperaturen erträglich zu machen, gibt es ein Line-up, welches eure Herzen höherschlagen lässt:


>>> LOLA MARSH (IL) <<<


Lola Marsh is a fresh indie-Pop band whose music combines on-the-sleeve-lyrics and deep warm harmonies.

They first made waves after a much-discussed performance at Primavera Sound in 2014, influential L.A. radio station KCRW called “incredible,” adding that Yael was “clearly meant for the stage". The band gained immediate industry attraction and they quickly joined forces with United Talent Agency (USA & Europe), Universal Music (Europe) and Sony ATV.



>>> Onk Lou & the Better Life Inc. <<<


A short, bearded man enters the stage, tunes his guitar, examines the audience and starts his first song. The room falls silent and listens in awe. He sounds like Casper equipped with Justin Timberlake's vocal range and Andy McKee's guitar skills. In the end, thunderous applause and many new Onk Lou fans gained.



>>> James Choice & the Bad Decisions <<< a five piece song writing team based in Vienna. Their music is defined by their incredibly listenable, yet constantly surprising and unexpected hooks, underpinned by subtle lyrics, rich five part vocal harmonies, and melodies that soar from broken and delicate depths to defiant and dizzying highs.



>>> Superior Street <<<


„Everyone knows Rock attained perfection in 1974. It's a scientific fact!“ – Homer J. Simpson.

…but is that really right?

The world didn’t stand still and the years between then and now indeed managed to put forth some rock bands that still please ears, heart and soul. Those rough diamonds, artists who continue the genre in their own manner, can still be found today. Superior Street is one of them. They combine continuity and innovation.

A Hammond organ’s embracing vibration, the moan of an amplifier tormented by a Stratocaster and lyrics examining human existence join compositional finesse and experimental recording and arrangement techniques.

Lie back, take a break and enjoy. A musical journey – analogue and pure as a turntable needle’s crackling on vinyl.