Fechas y Entradas

18.05.'24, 20:00 Westbahnstudios
Preysinggasse 5, 1150 Wien


Lugar de evento: Westbahnstudios
Preysinggasse 5, 1150 Wien

Doors: 19:30 Uhr
Inicio: 20:00 Uhr
Künstler: ASMUS TIETCHENS, Michael Fischer

German experimental musician.
He began recording sound experiments in 1965 with electronic musical instruments, synthesizers and tape loops. In the 1970s he met producer Okko Bekker who has been credited as producer on Tietchens' releases ever since.
Although some of his better-known recordings from the early 80s are what he refers to as "electronic pseudo-pop", most of Tietchens' works are much more experimental in nature, drawing on influences as diverse as Industrial, Electro-Acoustic, Ambient, and Musique Concrète, moving toward more abstract sound collages.
The sleeves on his albums often quote philosopher Emil Cioran.
Michael Fischer is an Austrian musician, composer and instant composition conductor. He works on the immanence of language within sounds, their sculptural and dramatic evidence, on the tenor saxophone, the violin, on cd-player setting and conducted instant compositions, in improvised and experimental music. Since 1999 he connects the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback with acoustic instrumentation by creating and playing the feedback saxophone. He also collaborations with literary writers, dance productions, performance, installation and video. Fischer also launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra in 2004.