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Media Innovation Day #MID15 - Vienna, 2015
Be unique! How focus and identity make media successful
Venue: MuseumsQuartier - Barocke Suiten
Museumsplatz 1/5, 1070 Wien, Austria

Doors: 08:30 AM
Starts: 09:30 AM

#MID15: Be unique! How focus and identity make media successful

A day designed by Anita Zielina, Klaus Weinmaier, Gunther Müller and Daniela Kraus

Save the date! Media Innovation Day 2015, June 12th


The Media Innovation Day #MID15 is an international journalism conference in Vienna, Austria, focusing on current trends, upcoming challenges and future developments in the media.



In 2014 our distinquished speakers from Germany, USA, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain and many more countries were discussing future business models. This year we have a new topic for you: Be unique! How focus and identity make media succesful

We will showcase and discuss international and national media entities that became (or are becoming) powerful because they focus on a distinct approach, a specific audience slice, a way of storytelling or a certain topic, rather than going for a broad generalist „one size fits all“ model. Join us on June 12th in the beautiful Museumsquartier in the heart of Vienna, Austria, where we offer you a day with international speakers from successful media brands, breakout sessions and workshops.

We will analyze Austrian and international media organizations and assess audience, approach, storytelling and topic. You will also get the chance to analyze the potential of uniqueness of your own news organization or media project.

We are convinced that digital audiences are to be treated differently from print audiences, and that uniqueness and focus will become increasingly important in the growing stream of exchangeable and impersonal information that many news organizations still provide.


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