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Jozef van Wissem & Stefan Fraunberger
Venue: Orpheum Graz
Orpheumgasse 8, 8020 Graz, Österreich

Doors: 07:30 PM
Starts: 08:00 PM
Artist: Stefan Fraunberger, Jozef van Wissem


Jozef Van Wissem spielte den Soundtrack zu Jim Jarmuschs ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE auf der Laute ein. Als Duo releasten die beiden 2019 das Album „An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil“. Musikalisch bewegt sich Jozef Van Wissem irgendwo zwischen melancholischer Avantgarde, Barock und New-Wave und entführt uns mit seiner Laute auf eine melancholische Reise.




Stefan Fraunberger "Interval Crisis" (cymbal, electr.)



The hammered dulcimer (santur, hackbrett, cymbal, zambal,... ) is a stringed instrument being traditionally used in different forms and temperaments in-between the himalayas and the alps. Thereby it represents the art of weaving an invisible rug. Being the euroasian grandmother of the modern day piano, it takes an important role in popular music all around the regions of the former austro-hungarian monarchy as well as in classical ottoman, ukrainian and persian music.


I am applying different eurasian humors and temperaments to investigate into their agencies unfolding a language of things combining different processes and realities. Playing solo shows with different amplified dulcimers, as well I have founded the acoustic ensemble "OrnamentalNoise" circling around the matter, to finally investigate into the possibilities of temporalities, territories and narrations in-between pre-modern states and contemporary techniques of amplification and formal abstraction.


"The Wire" about a recent performance: "The billowy array of scrapes, plucks, and tickles fraunberger puts the dulcimer’s strings through is uniformly beautiful, diverging a couple of times away in favour of booming doom that lingers in the slowly decaying sonics of the space. The amplified strings veer between melodies and noise washes, and never stop being engaging and provocative..."